Kentucky All Weather Hurricane Turnout Rug

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Turnout Rug All Weather Hurricane

Among the latest range from Kentucky Horsewear, the Turnout Rug Hurricane is a unique new product which features a unique water blocking outer layer for in the field or paddock. Super versatile and hard wearing, the rug will be a reliable product able to guarantee to keep you horse dry in wet weather, even in the heaviest of rain fall.

It is the perfect rug of choice for any horses who are typically outside 24/7. Hard wearing in terms of use, it is very resistant to tearing or scraping and stays 100% waterproof without re-coating it.

The Kentucky Horsewear Turnout Rug All Weather Hurricane has been made using a PU coating meaning to enable it to deliver a 100% wind and waterproofness. This is the same coating used for the typical yellow fisherman jackets and it has been applied to the outside of the rug which is unique in the horse rug market compared with other products.

Artificial Faux Fur

Lined with artificial rabbit skin, the inside of the Hurricane rug is soft on your horses skin. As a result, this reduces the possibility of rubbing and therefore keeps your horse comfortable and dry.
For those of you who don’t know about the now famous faux fur lining. The faux fur is unique in that it also creates tiny air pockets against your horses coat. These air pockets slowly warm up over time creating extra warmth and comfort for your horse. marks and it able to give the horse a shiny coat and prevents a damp feeling under the rug.

Thanks to the clever artificial rabbit skin, an isolating layer retains the horse’s body warmth and therefore keeping your horse warmer in the harshest of winters.

In terms of design, the rug also features two classic brass finish stainless steel closures at the front, two surcingle’s and a detachable plastic-covered bungee tail cord. The classic artificial leather patches and the gold details will make your horse look sophisticated, even on rainy days.

The texture of the artificial rabbit skin has a unique design so it will always move back into place after your horse may have rolled or been laying down.

The extra tail flap protects the horse’s tail in the harshest weather conditions, especially against cold and wet weather. For extra protection, a separate neckpiece can also be bought to match the Hurricane rug.

The neck comes in 0g or 150g and is easily attached to the rug with 2 strong Velcro hook and loop closures. The neckpiece is a bit longer on the wither part, so you don’t have to worry about rain seeping in.

In terms of cleaning the Turnout Rug Hurricane, it is machine washable at 30 degrees and can be simply hosed down and cleaned with a sponge.

It’s best to let the rug air-dry afterwards. Unlike other waterproof rugs, it does not need a fluor carbon treatment as washing does not harm the waterproofness of this rug.


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