Get your tack ready for spring

Spring cleaning season is upon us, which means it’s time to roll up your sleeves and take stock of your tack. As one of the largest equestrian investments you will make, it is simply good sense to keep your tack in the best possible condition, all year round.

Particularly if you’ve taken a break from riding over winter, start by giving your tack a good inspection, checking for anything that might need repairing or replacing, such as stitches coming apart.

Then, take your tack outside and check for any traces of mould, which can be extremely damaging if left unchecked. Using a specialist leather tack cleaner will help prevent any re-growth, not to mention eliminate that tell-tale odour. Nags Essentials has a wide range of spray cleaners and handy wipes which are ideal for clean-ups on the go.

Bear in mind that during the transition from winter to spring, temperature changes can cause leather to dry out. To help prevent cracking and staining, use a soap cleaner to remove dirt, followed by a multi-purpose conditioner that will both nourish and protect it. Don’t forget to take all the components of your bridle apart as you wash it, which will help to make sure you remove all traces of grime.

(You could make a note of the holes your buckles are on, so when you put it back together again, you’re not faced with annoying mix-ups!)

Add a gleam to your tack by using a metal polish to clean rings and buckles, while investing in a saddle bag will help to protect it from dust or accidental damage – pick up an Effax Leather Care Case which has everything you need for general maintenance.

Try to keep your covered saddle on a rack that’s well above ground level, to help keep its shape.

Finally, to keep everything nicely on tack, try not to put your regular cleaning duties off. You should be cleaning your tack after each and every ride, quickly removing any mud and sweat with warm water, then using products that have been designed for your tack’s specific materials and components.

Investing this small amount of time and effort will help your tack last much longer, also helping to ensure your horse is comfortable as you ride – whatever the time of year.