Racesafe Motion 3 Young Riders Body Protector

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The Young Rider Motion3 combines the latest BETA level 3 protection with true segmentation, innovative multi-foam technology, advanced breathability, and redesigned sizing for a perfect fit at every age.

Expertly made in our UK factory, Motion3 introduces our next generation of equestrian body protection, offering superior flexibility, comfort, and safety. 

✓ New navy design.
✓ Latest BETA 2018 level 3 protection
✓ Over 100 individually hinged segments for unparalleled flexibility and range of motion.
✓ MotionGuard multi-foam construction for targeted movement and comfort.
✓ Improved aerated textiles for enhanced breathability.
✓ Redesigned sizing for a precise fit, catering to riders of all ages and sizes.
✓ Hybrid-Air compatibility.
✓ Made in the UK

Safety Standard: BETA 2018 (Level 3) & EN13158:2018 (Level 3) protection.
Colours: Blue
Materials: Breathable Net Outer 100% Polyester
Weight: From 550g


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