Kentucky Vegan Sheepskin Velcro Tendon Boots

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The Vegan Sheepskin Velcro Tendon Boots are made out a of strong TPU shell with multiple ventilation holes along the tendon area for more breathable leg protection.

The boots are made out a of strong TPU shell with multiple ventilation holes at the tendon area and a bigger triangle mesh ventilation.
Where the horse is flexing, we have added a soft natural rubber piece to avoid any friction.
The inside part of the boots is reinforced with an extra layer of TPU to sustain high abrasion.
The boots are ideal for daily training at home as they are easy to put on and off with the simple Velcro closure.

Fabrics & materials
Vegan Sheepskin Tendon Boots bamboo Velcro are made of our highly breathable Vegan Sheepskin that is used since many years for our famous Shipping halter, Show Rug and girths. They have a robust outer shell made of lightweight yet strong TPU shell

Shape and Size
Thanks to the anatomically shaped design the boots fit nicely around the horse leg to give a maximum comfort and protection. This allows to give the horse a maximum of freedom of movement to be able to jump better.
The Boots are available in size M. This is equivalent to a UK Full.


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