Falabella Fly Rug

QHPSKU: 6085 BL 100.

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During warm summer months horses can be bothered by flies, nats, horseflies and other pesky insects. We have several fly sheets to protect your horse against them, like this fly sheet with neck and hood. This rug has a detachable neck and hood, which can be taken off when flies and other insects are less active. The rug has a belly flap which fits nicely around the belly and is attached twice with Velcro and surcingles which prevents it from shifting. This rug has special measurments for Fallabella's.

Colours: Blue, Ibiza, Cube
Sizes: 90 up to and including 118

Fabric composition: 100% polyester

Fly sheet with a fine mesh

Special measurements for Falabellas

With a detachable neck and hood with velcro closure

Double front closures with buckles

Belly flap with three surcingles

Includes shoulder gussets, surcingles, belly flap, leg straps and tail flap


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