Fleece Rug

QHPSKU: 6017 BL 145

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Use a fleece rug after unsaddling a horse to prevent him from cooling off to quickly. This rug features removable surcingles. The frontclosures are covered with a luxe flap fastened with velco. The silver cord and ornament gives the rug a chique appearance. Colours: Blue/Silver, Grey/Silver, Black/Silver, Cobalt blue/Silver Sizes: 145 up to and including 215 Details 6014: Fabric composition: 100% polyester Luxurious look With removable surcingles Double front closures with surcingle clasps Front closures are covered with a chest flap fastened with velco Features chic silver cord and an ornament with tail cord on the back Fleece patch on the withers Also avalaible as an exercise rug Please note: This size is the total length of the rug in cm


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