Horsena Dressage Regular Gel Pad

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Perfect for all types of saddles, horse and rider. The special hexagonal no-impact 3D structure of separate open cells, the thickness of 8mm and the anatomical shape makes it perfect for the rider who needs an indiscreet shock absorber, slip resistance with a good capacity to absorb the impacts, to relieve and distribute the pressure without altering the anatomy of the horse, the position of the saddle and the rider. Nearly invisible, it offers freedom of movement to the horse and at the same time an excellent grip on the saddle. The reduced thickness in the central part allows it to adapt to the withers and to the horse’s back, thus creating a correct space between the saddle and gel allowing a continuous air-recirculation. The gel used is reversible, non toxic and hypoallergenic, for this reason it can also be used directly in contact with the horse’s skin.


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