Korsteel French Link 3 Ring Dutch Gag

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The Korsteel French Link Three Ring Dutch Gag is milder on the horse's mouth than a single-jointed gag, due to the central link reducing the nutcracker action on the tongue and roof of the mouth. The Korsteel French Link Three Ring Dutch Gag bit's main action is on the horse's poll, the roof of the mouth and on the bars of the mouth. The amount of poll pressure can be increased by attaching the rein to the bottom rings, therefore making the bit stronger and more severe. The Three Ring Dutch Gag can be used with one rein, two reins or with roundings. If a small amount of chin pressure is required, curb hooks can be attached to the top ring to use a curb chain, or a leather strap can be looped through the top rings and under the chin. This bit is not dressage legal.


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