Kentucky Horsewear Jumping Saddle Pad Metal Chain Navy

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The Kentucky Horsewear Jumping Saddle Pad Metal Chain showcases a refined design that brings elegance to every ride or competition. It features fishbone quilting, no saddle straps—only a girth strap—and is distinguished by its iridescent double edging and a central metal chain, enhancing its luxurious look.

The juxtaposition of the metal chain with the iridescent edging imparts a sophisticated and stylish accent to your equipment. The Kentucky Horsewear Dressage Saddle Pad Metal Chain also sports a leather logo on the left side, conveniently positioned for the addition of a personal logo if desired.

This saddle pad is crafted with unique fishbone padding and made from a material renowned for its superior moisture absorption and breathability, offering excellent cushioning between the horse’s back and the saddle to prevent friction.

The Saddle Pad Metal Chain is available for both dressage and show jumping disciplines, featuring an anatomical design that alleviates pressure and friction on the wither. It is designed without the excess of saddle straps, providing only a nylon girth strap.

For care, the pad is machine washable at 30 degrees. To maintain quality, it is advised to wash our products infrequently and use our protective washing bags. For thorough care, professional machines with greater capacity are recommended to reduce damage from conventional washing machine drums. For drying, place it outside on a sunny day for air drying, as tumble drying is not recommended.


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