Kentucky Horsewear Plaited Cord Saddle Pad Jumping Black

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The Kentucky Horsewear Plaited Cord Saddle Pad Jumping is made from superior materials which completes style with functionality. It boasts a timeless design featuring a plaited cord, distinctive quilting, quick-drying and highly breathable fabric, and a strapless design for easy saddle attachment.

Key features included in the Plaited Cord Saddle Pads is that they are constructed from premium materials for both aesthetic appeal and practicality. This classic look is accentuated with a plaited cord and is offered in various colors to match any horse.

In terms of materials and fabric, the saddle pad presents a unique quilted pattern. Its cotton and polyester blend lining is engineered for efficient sweat absorption and breathability. It’s also adorned with the Kentucky logo on a vegan leather badge.

Designed to forego the need for saddle straps, the Plaited Cord Saddle Pad’s waffle-structured interior ensures it remains in place, offering quick-drying properties and cushioning.

For horses that sweat profusely during exercise, frequent washing of the saddle pad is advised to prevent chafing from dried sweat. It should be washed at 30 degrees and not tumble dried.


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