Kentucky Show Rug – Black

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Kentucky Horsewear Show Rug sets the standards in Luxury Horse Rugs. This is the Ultimate Show Rug for your horse and we just can’t recommend them enough. The best on the market that enhances the natural beauty of your horse.

It fits perfectly with its contoured shape. The faux fur lining creates tiny little air pockets against the horses body. As a result this then traps air and therefore retains the body heat from the horse. The luxurious soft artificial fur lining prevents rubbing, even on the most sensitive of skin.

The whole of the neck area and also the chest and withers is stitched with artificial sheepskin. This provides ultimate comfort for your horse.

The stylish Show Rug will certainly turn heads when you turn up at the show. Strong and durable providing maximum warmth to weight ratio at 160g of fibre fill. The three layered diamond quilting pattern really provides untouched durability, similar to that of the Kentucky Stable Rug. The faux fur lining naturally polishes the horses coat when wearing the rug.

The clever design and quality of the inner layer, prevents hairs sticking to the artificial rabbit skin lining. Whilst the design of the outer fabric helps to prevent shavings sticking to the fabric.

Stylish leather finished double front closure and detachable reinforced cross surcingles are fitted to the show rug. Stitched leather front fastenings provide extra strength to the rug and therefore help maintain position of the rug at all times.

The rugs also come supplied with a bungee tail cord with plastic covering. This is both detachable and easy to clean.


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