Kentucky Skin Friendly Under Rug 300g

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The Skin Friendly Under Rug is lined with Kentucky’s luxurious faux fur. 

The unique design of mixed fabrics delivers extra warmth and essential for horses with sensitive skin. The Skin friendly under rug is a great option for layering your horses rugs. If you horse trashes rugs, then the perfect option to use the under rug as the first layer and a cheaper alternative on top.

The liner of the rug uses a faux fur that is unbelievably soft against the horses body. Like with all these linings in the Kentucky range. Air is trapped in the tiny pockets between the fabric and as a result gradually warm up creating essential warmth for the horse.

In our history of selling Kentucky Rugs. I have never known a Kentucky Horse Rug to rub. The faux fur lining simply prevents rubbing and creates extra warmth against the horses skin.

Complete with a classic strong Velcro front closure. You can also purchase a detachable bungee tail cord, which helps to keep the rug in place.

This Skin Friendly Under Rug is a perfect choice to put under a stable or outdoor rug when it’s cold and is Machine washable at 30 degrees. Please do not tumble dry.

Standard sizes. 5’9 (125cm) to 7’0 (160cm) and now a New Pony Size 4’0 (80cm) is available to also keep those companions warm.

Available in the Kentucky Horsewear Original Navy.


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