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Something New for the lovers of the velvet collection, the latest Vegan Sheepskin Tendon Boots Bamboo Elastic Velvet provide stylish leg protection. Available in these stunning eye catching colours, the boots really give that stylish look that can be matched with our saddle pads, fly veils and bandages.

Not only are the Vegan Sheepskin Tendon Boots Bamboo Elastic Velvet pretty and colourful, but they are also made from clever technical materials. The shell of the tendon boots have been laminated and sealed with Kentucky’s well known velvet fabric, which has been applied to the boots via an innovative hot-press technology.

Firstly the boots are made of a tough and durable EVA shell which has had multiple ventilation holes positioned in the boot for optimal ventilation and cooling of the legs.

Secondly the Vegan Sheepskin Tendon Boots Bamboo Elastic Velvet tendon area has been reinforced with the Kentucky Bamboo shield. This unique design using a sustainable material, bamboo, reinforces the tendon protection to avoid penetration of sharp objects, such as an overreach, during exercise and competition.

An in house test shows how the Bamboo Shield Tendon Boots withstand a razor sharp axe, falling on a wooden horses leg, at the force of 80 newtons. Although this can not be compared with any real impact when riding, it does demonstrate how the boots can offer substantial protection for your horse.

Like all the Kentucky tendon boots, they have been designed with an improved cut to maximize the movement of the horse, allowing the horse to pick its legs up better when jumping.

The vegan friendly sheepskin is kind on sensitive horses and is also breathable. This has been proven already with the long standing products such as the Kentucky Show Rug and the Kentucky Vegan Sheepskin Halter.

Shape & size
Thanks to the anatomically shaped design the boots fit nicely around the horse leg to give a maximum comfort and protection. This allows to give the horse a maximum of freedom of movement to be able to jump better.

The boots are available in sizes S, M and L.

Care guide

Machine washable at 30 degrees. We advise using a Kentucky Wash Bag to wash your kit. To dry, simply place outside on a sunny day.

Do Not Tumble Dry.



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