Korsteel Hard Rubber Jointed Loose Ring Snaffle

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Korsteel's Hard Rubber Jointed Loose Ring Snaffle is a more gentle alternative to a traditional, thinner stainless steel bit. The thicker mouthpiece is softer on the corners and the bars of the mouth than a thinner bit, as the pressure created by the reins is spread over a larger surface area. The hard rubber is a good alternative to the softer rubber as it is more durable against chewing and general wear and tear, so it is less likely to need replacing as often. The single joint of this bit works mainly on the tongue, the roof and bars of the mouth. The loose rings allow the horse to move the bit up and down in their mouth with their tongue, and this can help to discourage leaning on the bit. This bit is dressage legal and should be checked for general wear and tear before every use.


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