Korsteel Stainless Steel Waterford Loose Ring Bradoon Snaffle Bit

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This bit has a chain type mouthpiece which has ball shaped links. All parts of the mouthpiece are moveable. The Waterford Loose Ring Bradoon Snaffle is ideal for horses who try to lean or pull on the bit; if the horse tries to lean on the bit it collapses and therefore does not give the horse anything to lean on. The Waterford Loose Ring Bradoon mouthpiece has many links which can result in the bit having a severe action on the horse's mouth as it distrubutes pressure over the tongue and bars of the mouth. The Loose Ring of the Waterford helps to stop the horse leaning on the bit as it enables the rider to move the bit round in the horses mouth; this also helps to encourage the horse to relax through the jaw. The Korsteel Waterford Loose Ring Bradoon Snaffle is made from Stainless Steel.


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