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A simple yet effective supplement for supporting cartilage and joint health

Glucosamine is an amino-sugar which occurs naturally inside a horse’s body. It mainly assists with healthy cartilage production but also benefits the health of collagen, joint fluid, tendons and ligaments. Omega Pure Glucosamine HCL is easily absorbed for optimum joint health. Levels of glucosamine decline with age and when additional joint support is required, a supplement is considered a good option.

The ingredient within this simple yet effective supplement benefit joint health because:

  • Glucosamine is well known for maintaining a healthy cartilage matrix. It is also a key component of the body’s natural joint repair and renew process, helping horses efficiently withstand daily wear and tear, and joint stress

When it comes to the everyday maintenance of joints, Omega Pure Glucosamine is a fantastic choice for horse owners. Each serving contains over 99% pure glucosamine which is the recommended amount for peak joint health. Produced in the UK from natural, high-quality ingredients, it is highly palatable and competition legal.

Available in 500g

Pure Glucosamine Hydrochloride over 99.5%

Key Ingredients per 10g:
Glucosamine HCL 10,000mg


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