PresTeq Weymouth FayPerform Bridle


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On the basis of careful research into the anatomy of the horse's head, the FayPerform Weymouth bridle has been developed. This bridle is the only bridle worldwide that consists of so many anatomical characteristics. A horse's head contains many nerves. These nerves take care of the motoric functions, balance, heartbeat and the feeling of the horse. When these nerves become pinched or pressure is applied to them it causes pain. This can negatively affect the horse's performance. The new FayPerform bridle avoids pinching the neck band and nerve endings at the top of the neck and distributes the pressure evenly. The headpiece is shaped at the ear base and the browband attachment ensures that no pressure point can develop on the inside of the headpiece. The shape of the headpiece also avoids the jaw point making it easier for the horse to relax. The bridle also avoids the cheekbone and the foramen infraorbital (small hole in the skull). Finally, the bridle does not press against the teeth and cheeks of the horse, which allows the horse to relax its mouth. In short, a bridle of very good quality which, through careful research, contributes to performing at a high level. 

  • Material: leather
  • The browband is easy to remove
  • Crown peace relieves pressure on the neck ligaments and nerve endings
  • Optimal freedom of movement of the ears through base the shape of the crown piece
  • Special shape of crown piece avoids the jaw joint
  • Avoidance of abrasion by avoiding the cheekbone
  • Special noseband avoids the foramen infraorbital
  • Noseband does not press against the cheeks or molars
  • Noseband is extra comfortable, soft and pressure-distributing by gel padding


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