Salisbury Brampton Bridle

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Contemporary and beautifully designed, the Salisbury Brampton bridle benefits from anatomical features that grant the horse enhanced comfort. The padded, curved noseband avoids the facial bones and sensitive nerves of the jaw and cheekbones for a comfortable fit and encourages a relaxed and enhanced performance. The unique design of the cavesson noseband allows full adjustability in its positioning for a custom fit. The overlay headpiece reduces pressure, increasing comfort over the poll. Hook stud billets, quality fittings and rubber grip reins. SALISBURY LEATHERWORK: Elegant. Detailed. Smart. Graceful designs in a high shine finish, characterised by feature stitching detail. Durable and beautifully finished Salisbury leatherwork is synonymous with quality. Vegetable tanned leather for a more sustainable finish. Smart for both competition and everyday use. Black leather (stainless steel fittings), Australian Nut leather (brass fittings).


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