Tempest Original All-Season Air Motion Cooler

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Providing all-season functionality, the Tempest Original Air Motion Cooler is constructed by pairing thermoregulating fleece with technical 3D mesh to create highly effective temperature regulation when temperatures decrease. The rug back is soft-to-touch against the horses? back with a honeycomb structure above, this space gently acclimatises the air before circulation to cool large muscle groups without chilling. Thermoregulating fleece sides are wicking and allow air movement whilst creating a comfortable micro-climate. Circulating air encourages moisture release to assist with recovery after exercise and is particularly effective during transportation and through the cooler seasons after the clipping. Further detail: luxurious SupaFleece wither pad, lined at the chest and shoulders, quick fit front fixing, twin chest straps, adjustable cross surcingles and rope fillet string.


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