Velociti RAPIDA Drop Noseband Bridle

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The Velociti RAPIDA drop noseband bridle is designed to encourage a relaxed jaw for a more relaxed, freedom feel. The innovative RAPIDA drop noseband is designed with twin buckles which can be adjusted independently at the front with a single buckle at the back. This allows for a symmetrical, less rigid fit for the horse. Padded both on the nose and on the jawline, it encourages the horse to relax into its work whilst keeping the fittings away from the sensitive areas of the nose and allows greater stability for the horse's jaw. Tech details: FreedomFit headpiece ? designed to relieve pressure, the wide cushioned crown covers a large surface area and benefits from a poll gap and cutaway ear profile. Suppleand hardwearing, leather is eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather, hand-stitched with self-colour thread and finished with high shine stainless steel harness buckles. Signature Velociti RAPIDA rubber grip reins for flexible, assured grip.


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