How to wear Montar breeches

In order to achieve the best fit in Montar breeches, we recommend choosing the smallest size if choosing between two sizes. Montar breeches should feel like an extra layer of skin, and therefore must be bought tight-fitting and put on as if they were tights. This way, the breeches adapt to the body, providing optimal comfort and support.


Montar Yati is especially developed for all Montar riding breeches. Equestrian clothes must be comfortable and functional and still being fashionable. Yati gives you the perfect combination of flexibility and firmness.The smooth surface of the Yati fabric gives the breeches a beautiful look that reflects the high quality of the material. The colour of the fabric is extra long-lasting and keeps your breeches look new for much longer. All Montar Yati riding breeches provide a comfortable feeling and optimal freedom aswell as being breathable . The Yati fabric is designed with moisture-wicking characteristics to keep your skin dry during training. The Yati fabric is smooth and lets water drops "roll" over the fabric rather than being absorbed. Yati breeches are therefore dirt resistant and water repellent.

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