Kentucky Horsewear Show Rug
Based in Belgium Kentucky Horsewear is widely becoming the must have brand for equestrians and we are excited to become a stockist of this premium Brand . Did you know Kentucky Horsewear are an Animal Friendly Brand ? All of their products are developed with no animal ingredients, using only artificial leather, artificial sheepskin and artificial rabbit skin. The imitation leather is waterproof and will never be affected by water or dirt. This prevents the imitation leather from cracking and drying out as well as changing colour. For the busy equestrian it is also easy to maintain as you can also simply clean it with water and a sponge. It weighs a lot less than leather to ensure extra comfort and can enhance the performance of your horse . The artificial sheepskin is as soft as any Real Sheepskin and can sustain many washes compared to the real one. The artificial rabbit skin that is mainly used as a lining for the Kentucky Horsewear rugs including the Kentucky Horsewear Show rug . It’s extremely soft which prevents the horses from getting rubs on the shoulders. Another great advantage is that the hairs don’t stick in the lining. Due to the small and soft hairs, your horses get a shinier coat in the same way as they get polished with a woollen glove. The artificial rabbit skin also creates tiny air pockets that trap and retain the body heat. Because of the high warmth to weight ratio the artificial rabbit skin offers excellent comfort. This 100% animal-friendly brand offers high quality and stylish products with extreme protection putting comfort and the well-being of your horse first.